Carey – “You Were Right”

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The Nashville-based power-pop band Carey release their debut self-titled EP this week, and their fuzzy, guitar-driven sound is one that is most welcome in a contemporary music environment that sometimes seems too caught up in production tricks.  There is little subterfuge in Carey’s tunes – just catchy hooks played with gusto, a lack of pretension and a nod to 90s-era favorites like Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Fanclub and Guided By Voices.  The single “You Were Right” serves as the perfect calling card for their vibe, and their video for the track, which we are happy to premiere here, features the perfect setting for the song: a bowling alley!

Why a guy in a bear outfit?  In the band’s own words: “Once we had finished recording the EP, we knew that “You Were Right” was going to be the first single, so we thought it would be cool to make a low-budget music video for the song.  Since lyrically the song deals with a lot of feelings of self-doubt, disappointment & anxiety directed back at myself, we wanted the video to balance out some of those sentiments by being a little more light & playful.  We got together with our friend Chris Ranker, who had already done several great music videos for other Nashville bands, and together we came up with the idea of all of us hanging out together with this random guy in a bear costume.  Basically we just wanted it to look like any other normal night, but with a sad, ratty bear tagging along.”

Carey’s self titled EP comes out 3/11 on Old Flame.  You & your own bear friend can preorder the record here: