Cherry Glazerr: Local Band We Love

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Photo by Jordan Millington

LA band Cherry Glazerr have had a big year. The band had a well-received debut released by the current kings of DIY power pop and garage rock Burger Records and haven’t stopped since.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that two of the members aren’t even old enough to vote yet.

As KCRW fans may guess, their name was inspired by our own news host Chery Glaser and her interview with the band from earlier this year is well worth a read.

They have a new track that I think is their best yet and I wanted to share.

Had Ten Dollaz” will be released on October 28 as a 7″ (with B-side “Nurse Ratched“) and here is the story behind the song from singer Clementine Creevy:

“A lot of people thought “Had Ten Dollaz” was written for the Saint Laurent show in Paris but I actually wrote the song prior to the show. Hedi asked us to do the music for the Women’s Fall show and so I showed him a demo of HTD.

He liked it so he asked us to make a 20 minute version. I’d like to say this song is more complex structurally. It’s not just verse verse verse verse END. I spent much more time with the arrangement.

As for the lyrics, they’re about being shameful about my terrible smoking habit. I only had ten bucks on me and I needed to get a pack of cigs so then I had no money left 🙁

I was on my way to a family gathering and I didn’t want my hair to smell like cigarettes so I put a pair of jeans on my head. I was driving in Silverlake and these people in the car next to me started pointing and laughing at me. It was pretty humorous. That’s mainly what the song is about haha.”

I guess the subject matter is still relatively light”

See the band live as part of the Beach Goth party at the Observatory in Santa Ana on October 25 and will be at the Odd Future Carnival on November 8.