Clark Debuts New Songs from Forthcoming EP on KCRW!

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Warp recording artist and all-around super rad dude Chris Clark stopped by DJ Garth Trinidad‘s show to drop a Guest DJ set before heading out to The Airliner for Gaslamp Killer/Daddy Kev/Nobody’s LA beat mecca Low End Theory.


Playing a decidedly “eclectic” set of tracks to be in keeping with the station’s essence, Clark shared a handful of tracks by a stunning range of artists; the gorgeously ethereal Grouper, the (in Clark’s words) heavily “demonic” Converge, M83, Sun Ra, and more. The spectrum of sounds was really varied and really fantastic and felt like what would happen if one were to pull at the string of the sweater of Clark’s discography.

GT had a brief conversation with Clark in which he was very open about the rigors of his recording process, his interest in exploring the imperfect aspects of his sounds, picking up the guitar, and his love of melody.

Speaking of melody, Clark also debuted (WORLD PREMIERED!) brand new material from a forthcoming EP titled, “Fantasm Planes.”

The title track from the EP (due this fall on Warp) has a typical heavy Clark throb, while a multitude of lovely staccato melodies rise and swirl about each other what feels like dozens at a time. For all it’s electronic intensity, it also has a mindblowing virtuoso vibe that feels like 22nd century classical music.

Like some second coming of Wendy Carlos’ “Switched on Bach, but instead of Wendy Carlos doing Bach, it’s just Clark doing Clark.


— Mario Cotto