Corsica Arts Club: Local Band We Love

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Corsica Arts Club came on my radar last summer and, with word that they will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on June 9, I thought it was time to share.

The sunny synth pop track “Untamed” is my favorite so far.

It’s a dancefloor-ready track that would fit in perfect on any 80’s mix nestled up against songs by New Order and Erasure.

Brendan Thompson and Arash Parsee are the core of Corsica Arts Club and wrote, recorded and mixed the EP in their home studio blending some pawnshop finds – specifically, vintage synthesizers and an analog mixing console – with modern recording techniques.

The duo met as teenagers while attending prep school in LA and have played in various bands together.

They aimed to capture “the spirit of summer” in the four songs. In their words:

“The warmth of the sun beating down, the cool ocean breeze, and driving along PCH with your friends – heart fluttering with anticipation at the sense of romance, adventure, and endless possibilities that await…”