Cotton Jones: Artist You Should Know

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cotton jonesCotton Jones have been steadily putting out excellent music over the last few years now culminating in the release of their full length, “Tall Hours In The Glowstream” on August 24. Tonight they play The Echo and I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.

Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw masterfully create a mood that is hard to pin down – it seems almost otherworldly. Aquarium Drunkard calls it “dreamy Americana,” which comes close. Their songs sound like they are haunted ghosts dug up from another era — one I have not lived through but love visiting in their music.

When I met the couple at the CMJ music festival a few years ago, they were laughing at me shivering in 50 degree weather as they have some heavy winters in Cumberland, Maryland where they live. It think its part of what makes their music special. Check out their live performance on KCRW and stream a new track, “Glorylight And Christie.


Cotton Jones
Tall Hours in the Glowstream
Suicide Squeeze Records


1. Sail Of The Silver Morning
2. Somehow To Keep It Going
3. Glorylight And Christie
4. Man Climbs Out Of The Winter
5. Song In Numbers
6. Soft Mountain Shake
7. Place At The End Of The Street
8. More Songs For Margaret
9. Goethe Nayburs
10. Dream On Columbia Street
11. No Things I Need (Like Some Time Ago)