Cult Copy: Cut Copy’s New Video

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Since their 2001 debut, “Bright Like Neon Love“, Melbourne’s Cut Copy has been one of the most consistently solid news acts of the century.

Their shimmery electro-pop recalls 80’s MTV while being totally current and more than anything deliciously listenable. Their first 3 albums and Fabric mix are all “must haves” if you don’t have them already. The announcement of their forthcoming release “Free Your Mindcame as a surprise and the highly anticipated album will be out November 5th.

The first single, “Free Your Mind“, has all the trademark Cut Copy lush synthwork but with an added Acid House-y chorus.

The video features True Blood heartthrob Alexander Skarsgård as a young Source Family meets Branch Davidian cult leader with a broken heart.

It is cheeky, weird and tragicomic and perfectly captures the psychedelic paradox of “freedom” as both a liberator and captor and the mystic unhinging power of love.