Dalton: Artist You Should Know

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Something pulled me in to this one from Nate Harar about his band Dalton. I can’t tell you exactly what it was – the name of the band, the personalized email that really seemed meant for me, or the list of other blogs I respect that have supported his music – but I clicked pretty much immediately and fell in love with this song “Breaker”.

Stream “Breaker” below and download it here:

I shared it with a friend who had this response: “it’s like shoegaze-meets-classic-90’s indie rock with a singer who could have been a star in the 70s folk scene.”


This is from Dalton’s debut EP. The DC native tells me he’s been in random bands since grade school. He moved to NYC after college to pursue music and, after his last band ended, decided to start recording on his own in his apartment.  He’s put together a band and they played this first gig this past week.

Listen to the full EP here. Hopefully, he’ll visit us on the West Coast soon.


Side note: Just for a little context, I asked Nate for his favorite bands throughout his life. Here is his answer:

The first band I was ever obsessed with was Nirvana. I bought “In Utero” when I was in 4th grade and was completely consumed by all things Nirvana throughout grade school . Towards the end of the ’90s I really got into Blur and Gomez.

My all-time favorite is probably David Bowie. Just the length and breadth of his career is really amazing. As for current bands I’m really into Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, St. Vincent and Arcade Fire. I’m also probably the only person who thinks MGMT’s second album (“Congratulations”) was better than their first. I also think Peter Gabriel is insanely underrated as an artist.