Dan Croll: Artist You Should Know

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UK artist Dan Croll was one of my favorite artists from SXSW this year. Even on a sweltering hot day in a strange venue that was sparsely attended, his incredible songwriting and performance transcended everything.

He’s released a series of singles and remix EPs and we’ve jumped on every one.

From Nowhere” was our introduction, followed by the excellent “Compliment Your Soul”.

He’s got super catchy hooks and a well-formed sound for someone in their mid-20s.

It’s smart folkie electronic pop that manages to walk that fine line between perfectly sweet and saccharine. It’s right on the money.

And his latest is his best yet! Check out “In / Out”, released this summer.

Dan will be in LA for a show at the Troubadour on October 9 and I’m hearing word that he’s working on a full length. Definitely an artist to watch!