Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini: Exclusive FYF Release

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The best weekend of the year, FYF Fest, is nigh! And, like any great holiday it comes with amazing gifts and surprises!

One such thing is a stunning collaboration between Daniel AveryAlessandro Cortini. Avery is a shining bright star in the techno firmament and Cortini is a synth wizard in a cool little band that’s going places, NINE INCH NAILS… might’ve heard ’em.

So…yeah, these two super awesome dudes came up with a wavy collaborative 7″ (available for purchase at FYF Fest) called Sun Draw Water. Both sides, “Sun” and “Water” are emotional, gut-punches of ambient washes and drones that have the disarming quality of Cliff Martinez or Reznor/Ross film scores but feel less overtly cinematic and more like the actual imagined feeling of hurtling towards the sun and having the sun attempt to communicate with you or having water anthropomorphize and smile at you.

That is to say, both sides are gorgeously trippy, sonic, headrushes. Also, BOTH artists will be performing their individually spectacular stuff at FYF! Daniel Avery will perform on the Woods stage on Saturday night while Cortini performs with headliners Nine Inch Nails on Sunday night.

Have a happy FYF and check out “Water” now!

(Photo: Steve Gullick)