5 Songs to Hear This Week: Dehd, Amen Dunes, Låpsley

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Dehd can dance. Photo by Jacob Consenstein

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Dehd – “Dog Days” 

The sounds of indie rock are in safe and capable hands with Chicago three-piece Dehd. This dive-bar track is cozy like your favorite flannel and crisp like a PBR straight out of the lowboy. Easy to love, fun to sing, and crowned by a gloriously unserious video featuring a cornucopia of wigs ‘n’ kisses, this indie track delivers a good time… dog days be damned. Want more from Dehd? Their album Poetry is fresh out and becoming a heavy favorite around these parts.

Amen Dunes – “Purple Land”

They say there’s nothing new under the sun. Maybe they’re right, but we still get a little zooted when a track as unique as this one crosses our desk. This song from one-man-project Amen Dunes sounds like music made by a sieve-brained prodigy who heard the American rock canon, then forgot it. Adherence to structural rules is missing, but highly effective sonic tricks of the mind are intact. And that’s a good thing. Explore the rest of Dunes’ wanderings: His new LP Death Jokes was just released.

Låpsley – “Angeles”

It’s always fun seeing old tools turn new tricks, as is the case here on Låpsley’s “Angeles.” The English artist toys with vocal distortions and bright, gem-toned synth notes to leave a joyful impression… albeit through minor chords, high BPM percussive backing, and lyrics highlighting LA’s infamous loneliness. Låpsley reports a strained relationship with our city (who can blame her), and if this heart-pumping electro jam is her way of working through it, we say go off babes. The EP, A Guilty Heart Can Never Rest, is out now.

Gaby Moreno & LA LOM – “Alma Florecida”

Aye Gaby…. La voz de un ángel. En serio… the celebrated Guatemalan-born, LA-honed singer-songwriter lends her golden pipes to a traditional-sounding track featuring divine instrumentals from chicha/cumbia three-piece band LA LOM. They make beautiful music together: Swoony slide guitars, gentle wire-brush percussion, and slow-burn guitar plucks lay a sweet, swaying foundation for Gaby’s layered harmonies. Si entiendes espańol, enjoy a poetic ode to eternal love, loss, and longing.

More: Gaby Moreno: KCRW Live From HQ

Fcukers – “Bon Bon”

Everything about this indie-house track from fresh-faced cheeky trio Fcukers is good: The crispy ‘90s beats, the pixie-sweet throwaway vocals, the singular droning synth standing in as melody, the whoops of support from a hovering hype-lad, and the greenscreen-and-windbreaker video. It’s undeniably downtown, casual in form, designed for a good time, and painfully cool. We don’t know much about this group yet, but we want more. Keep your eye on these Fcukers, they’re up to somethin’.