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White Denim by Bil Zelman

We tested the boundaries of our You Tube account in uploading a highlight from White Denim’s recent Morning Becomes Eclectic session. The band played two solid sets of music so seamless it was hard to figure out when one song ended and the other began.

Without a doubt, it was one of my favorite live sessions we’ve hosted this year AND you can download it right now!

It was like watching an intense musical conversation – but there were lots of smiles at the same time. They clearly were performing as much for themselves as for the audience.

Guitarist Austin Jenkins, who just joined a year ago, said he had to learn the “vocabulary” of the band and figure out his place in the dialogue. He watched drummer Joshua Block throughout the set, while bass player Steve Terebecki kept his head down  and singer/guitarist James Petralli (whose vocals perfectly suit the music) scanned the room the entire time.  I’m used to the bass player and drummer locking eyes and getting in a groove but this was something different entirely that speaks to their style. It’s a combo of blues, prog, jazz, punk and psychedelic rock that is hard to pin down.

And why would you want to? The band says they are “restless” musically and they are all interested in pushing the boundaries.

They’ve gained some prominent fans too. Wilco saw them play at the Sasquatch festival and invited them to open shows on their upcoming tour. If that doesn’t convince you that they are spectacular live, I don’t know what will!

Before that tour kicks off,  see them as part of KCRW’s holiday extravaganza, Are Friends Eclectic? in early December. Find out more here.


White Denim Live on KCRW Set List

Street Joy

Bess St

Shake Shake Shake

River to Consider

It’s Him

At the Farm

Say What You Want


White Denim in studio by Bil Zelman
Jason Bentley with White Denim by Bil Zelman
White Denim by Bil Zelman
RR and White Denim by Bil Zelman