Ed Vallance Video Premiere: “Silent Sun”

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From DJ Mathieu Schreyer:

I first heard of Ed in 2003 through an artist I work with named Steve Spacek. At the time, I wasn’t listening to too much folk or rock, but when I heard his voice it was instant — I wanted to hear more.

Ed creates his own world and he welcomes you to come in and listen. His music is super soulful and, at times, reminds me of golden age David Bowie. Listen to “Deep End,” “Clever,” “Seven,” “Hag Dream” ….he has so many great songs.

This is something new that I’m just getting to know, it’s a premiere of his video for a new song “Silent Sun,” starring actress Rhona Mitra. Enjoy!


Editor’s Note:  Ed’s new EP Summerfire is out now. The London-born, now Brooklyn-based, singer is recording a full length now that is due this Fall.

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