EJL on The Yummy Fur, feat. Members of Franz Ferdinand!

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Scottish cult legends The Yummy Fur will be playing at The Echo THIS Sunday, Jan 17 at 10pm. Here is DJ Eric J Lawrence’s convincing statement on why you should go — even though it’s a school night.

“The Yummy Fur were a Scottish band from the 90’s who, despite relative obscurity, have a cult following and no small influence on some of today’s bands.  In fact, members of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos & Paul Thomson, counted themselves as members at one point or another. They broke up a decade ago, and a couple of the main members formed the similar-sounding group 1990s, but the fates have conspired to bring them back together as The Yummy Fur for a very brief US tour, including a stop at the Echo here in Los Angeles this Sunday night.

I’m so excited to see them that I am taking the week off of my Sunday night radio show, something I am loath to do, but I could not miss what is sure to be one of the most memorable concerts of 2010. See you there!”