El Guincho: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW DJ Marion Hodges:

El GuinchoEl Guincho remains largely a creature of mystery to me, despite the fact that I’ve listened to the majority of his recordings and played them many times on my show.

He lists three different locations as home base on his Myspace page, and a recent EP of his was titled “Piratas De Sudamerica.”  Is there anything to stop us from believing that El Guincho himself might just be a pirate?

Perhaps it’s the grand fantasy, and allure conjured by El Guincho’s songs that have me concocting such wild ideas. His most recent full length, Pop Negro, feels so very much like a perfect escape. Check out “FM Tan Sexy”:

The steel drums, and sun soaked melodies contribute to this feeling the most, but it’s what he does with these familiar elements that has piqued my interest so. There is something slightly strange, and perhaps even a little dark, twisting through these pretty tunes.  I won’t be done listening anytime soon, and maybe I won’t toss out that pirate theory too soon either…

Marion Hodges

Editor’s Note: El Guincho just releases a NSFW video for “Bombay” that you can view here!