Electric Wire Hustle: Artist You Should Know

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electric wire hustleFrom KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd:

I don’t know what’s in the water down in New Zealand, but between the soulful reggae sounds of Fat Freddy’s Drop, and my new Kiwi addiction, Electric Wire Hustle, I want some of it!

Electric Wire Hustle is what I can best describe as a psychedelic soul dub trio from Wellington. It’s rare that I’m compelled to write a blog entry about an artist but I’m just so excited about this group that I want everyone to know who they are. It’s the same feeling I had about Quadron and Jose James. My colleague and fellow midnight DJ Anthony Valadez and I, both had their debut “Every Waking Hour” as our number one album of 2009.

They have just recently signed with and released their worldwide debut on BBE. When you listen to their record you feel as though you’re being transported into this psychedelic trip through space where the planets are deep heavy beats and the stars are jazz notes.  Stream their track “Waters.”

I hear their live shows are incredible – check out this video – and mark your calendar as they make their U.S. debut here in Los Angeles on October 13.