Enjoy The Silence With Tokyo-Based Mule Musiq

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In my humble opinion, Tokyo-based Mule Musiq is one of the most precious, flawless gems in dance titan Kompakt’s crown of imprints.

Lovingly curated by DJ/Promoter Toshiya Kawasaki, the imprint (also connected to the Endless Flight label) used to have a split between the Musiq and Electronic aspects of the label, so the vast discography seemingly comes in 3 different flavors.

However, Kawasaki’s clarity of vision and stunning ear for quality means that virtually anything with the Mule Musiq or Endless Flight name on it is a stunning production and will be stand the test of time.

It probably sounds like a redundancy, but in a world of electronic music where squelches and sounds (good or bad) are referred to as music, Mule releases have a geniunely crafted musicality that sets them aside.

The artists straddle a line between House and Techno and traditional classical composition. Consequently, the result is a refined, adult dance music, but that doesn’t make it any less daring.

On the 3rd compilation in theEnjoy The Silence series, Kawasaki (who put the comp together) takes work by Vermont, Recondite, Roman Flugel, John Roberts and a spectcularly deep DJ Sprinkles (aka Terre Thaemlitz) remix and creates a leftfield, atmospheric House soundtrack for mindwalking.

The mix perfectly starts with a gentle Hauschka piano composition before moving into warm ambient territory that floats and twitches at points.

An engrossing and emotive minimalist journey, I invite anyone and everyone who loves music and/or dreaming, to allow themselves to take the trip Kawasaki has crafted and “Enjoy The Silence.