Entire KCRW Music Library Available as Today’s Top Tune Download

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At approx 12:04am this morning, KCRW fans worldwide were treated to a truly remarkable and unbelievably unbelievable opportunity – for exactly 1 minute KCRW’s entire music library was available as a Today’s Top Tune download.

KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd noticed that as he was starting his show, the studio’s computer was being “glitchy.” The velvet-voiced host wanted to start the show with a track from MGMT‘s recent live performance, but found that he did not have access.  “I couldn’t figure out what was going on…luckily, I had that new Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke 12” at the ready,” said Byrd.

Sources close to MBE Producer and Today’s Top Tune curator Ariana Morgenstern stated that the usually lovely and composed Morgenstern had a veritable “[expletive]-fit” when she went to check the iTunes download page this morning and found over approximately 800,000,000 days worth of music available as a free download.

Luckily, as the clock turned over, the download immediately shifted back to Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra’s “Cairo, Cairo” as planned.

KCRW IT Personnel were not available for comment.

Apparently, there is no way knowing how many people were able to download the entire library, but internet-savvy sources estimate that given the technology available and the window of opportunity, it is highly unlikely that anyone, anywhere was able to download this truly priceless and incomparable collection of music.

In a notable turn of events, a new Kuala Lumpur-based internet radio company called KLRW has suddenly become an overnight sensation as an iTunes radio stream. The channel features a great mix of new releases, classics, and live in-studio performances hosted by compelling hosts like Jason Brantley, Garth Trinidude, and Raul Campostino.

KLRW Manager, Jen Farlo, was not available for comment.

(From DJ Mario Cotto, KCRW’s resident humorist)