Escondido: Artist You Should Know

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A couple days this week, Jason has started the show with the song “Black Roses” by Escondido.

There’s something so beautifully contemplative about it. For me, it’s the type of song that comes on slowly and spawns all kinds of meditative moments before it’s over. Thoughts, feelings, memories flashing through my mind. All in just three minutes. That’s a powerful song.

Escondido is Nashville-based duo Jessica Maros and Tyler James. The song is from their debut album “The Ghost of Escondido“, which is out now. They recorded it live in a single day. Their goal? To create “a washed out desert landscape steeped in American roots music.” Tales of lost love that create a real sense of place.

Goal accomplished. Enjoy!


Editor’s Note: It should be mentioned that Tyler has been on the road as a touring member of LA’s Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros for the last few years!