Eskmo: Local Artist We Love

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Let’s skip all that for Eskmo, an Los Angeles-based music producer whose real name is Brendan Angelides.  Instead I’ll tell you what would be my ideal situation for listening to his upcoming “Language” EP (out October 30 on his own label, Ancestor).

I have this pipe dream in which the entire world freezes for about a week so that I can catch up on sleep.  Yeah.  I want everyone (except me), everything, and time itself to completely stop for one week.

I can imagine you’re asking yourself why I don’t just go on a vacation.  Well, there’s a very good reason why the world needs to stop rather than me just disappearing for said week.

You see, when I wake up from my lengthy slumber, I don’t want to have a bunch of e-mails, texts, voicemails, snail mail, smoke signals (surely dissipated and therefore missed), etc.  In my real life, all of those things make waking up from even a two-hour midday nap a somewhat anxiety-filled experience.  So, in my little pipe-dream world, everything else stops and waits for me to recharge my batteries.

But let’s say you and everyone else are frozen in time for a week, and I wake up a day early. On day seven I get up and wander around my completely-still surroundings.

Eskmo’s “Language” EP is what I imagine to be playing out of the omnipresent speakers that are clearly possible in a world where I can stop time.

Put yourself in my shoes.  You leave your house and walk around for a while passing people, animals and objects that are just completely frozen in their tracks.  It would be quite a surreal experience.  Now, listen to this track “1996” and imagine it as the soundtrack

I could’ve kept the above-mentioned pipe dream to myself and, instead, told you about one where my living-room furniture comes to life and treats me to a private recital. Eskmo’s music would work well for that too.

I’ve got to go now.  I need a nap.

–Chris Muckley