Esthero: Local Artist We Love

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Esthero (at a recent School Night event at Bardot).

We’d worked together on a film years ago, “Down With Love”, and I hadn’t seen her since. She informed me of a new album in the works that she financed through her efforts on PledgeMusic. Naturally, I was curious and she sent me a link of the tracks in development.

The next morning, I sat at my computer as the song “Gracefully” filled the room.

What????? HOLY SMOKES.

I couldn’t believe how simply beautiful it was. Absolute perfection. I actually wept. Shuddered with joy over that song. Granted, I am a parent, and I lost a child in recent years, so I am admittedly very pre-disposed to anything that preaches gratitude for this life we live, and the love that comes our way from day to day, but I challenge any loving parent to not be moved by this one.

— Chris Douridas