Expensive Looks: Artist You Should Know

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Expensive Looks by Jolene Kao

Expensive Looks’ debut album “Dark Matters” has a special distinction in my life as the music I listened to getting ready for my first day of work in 2012. My first decision every morning (aside from the occasional ‘should I hit the snooze button?’) is what music I should listen to and I tend towards beats.

It gets me going and this synth-poppy album is a perfect example.

My favorite tracks are the longest — “Be My Own” – and one of the shortest, the under 2 minute burst of energy that is “Felt Up”.  Stream “Be My Own” and download it here.

Spin is offering up one of the most danceable tracks on the album, “Moving Visions” as a free download here and you can sample it below.

Expensive Looks – Moving Visions by Group Tightener

The NY-based producer (real name Alex Feld) apparently taught himself how to DJ and this album is the result of his exploration process. Check it out and let me know what you think!