Family of the Year: Local Band We Love

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We are currently in the midst of KCRW’s Summer Pledge drive and, other than the fundraising element, it’s the only time of year I get to spend a significant amount of time with some of our DJs. I work weekdays and some of them have weekend/vampire shifts so we just see each other in passing.

And every pledge drive, without fail, I discover a song/artist I’ve totally missed the boat on.

This time around, that artist is Family of the Year.

Both Chris Douridas and Gary Calamar played their track “Hero” over the weekend and now I’m totally obsessed with this LA-based band.

Family of the Year – Hero by Jam in the Van

Download “Hero” here and check out another jam from their first full length album for Nettwerk Records, “Loma Vista”, which is out now.

Family of the Year – Diversity – Loma Vista by Nettwerk Music Group

They remind me of another LA band that has seen a quick rise to fame: Grouplove. Interestingly enough, that band is listed in the Artists We Like section on their Facebook page, along with other purveyors of sunny, catchy pop — Givers, Phoenix, and Brendan Benson.

DJ Eric J Lawrence is a fan as well:

“The nature of their vocals sort of reminds me of a less hippie version of the Polyphonic Spree.”

They are touring internationally through the end of September, including stops at the Leeds and Reading Festivals in the UK!  They’ll be back in LA at the Fonda Theater on November 15.