FANDOM: Dr. Dog on Hermit Thrushes

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dr dog
Indie rockers Dr. Dog are easily one of the best live bands around and, after 7 studio albums finally released a live album.

“Dr. Dog Live at a Flamingo Hotel” is out now on ANTI- Records and they’ll be coming through LA for a couple shows — this Friday, Feb 13 at the Wiltern and Feb 15 at the Glass House.

We asked the band to share a favorite artist of the moment and they chose a fellow Philly native!

From drummer Eric Slick:

My favorite band in Philadelphia is called Hermit Thrushes.

Imagine if there were a crossroads where “Pinkerton“-era Weezer, US Maple, The Shaggs, and God Is My Co-Pilot all met and shook hands violently.

The instrumentation is pretty out there – detuned violin, synthesizer, child’s educational drumset, and microtonal guitar – yet there is still an undercurrent of pop songwriting that makes the whole thing cohesive and satisfying.

I saw them play a basement show in South Philly last year that was smoldering (it was also about 99 degrees).

Their new record is called “Potsherd Gold Meadow” and I’m also putting it out on vinyl with my new imprint, Least Records.

They’re also the biggest sweethearts in the world.

Here’s the first single.