Fandom: Porter Robinson on Point Point, Nomak and L’homme aux 4 lettres.

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As part of our Fandom series we have  Porter Robinson telling us about one of his favorite new artists. The Chapel Hill, NC-based eletronic producer will release his highly-anticipated debut album “Worlds” on August 12.

Porter Robinson - Promo ShotI’ve been listening to what seems to be this emerging micro-scene in Paris – these three artists in particular, Point Point, Nömak, and L’homme aux 4 lettres.

The three artists pretty much only follow the other two on Soundcloud.

There’s not really a discernible genre with which it can be described – it’s beats-y, trap-inspired, but melodic, unapologetically loud.

These guys seem to share a lot of (amazing) ideas and the result is my favorite aggressive dancy stuff I’ve heard in months.

I suggest: