Fans of FlyLo meet Ash Koosha

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The best way to briefly describe Ash Koosha‘s album GUUD would be to call it a textured and dynamic sonic experience. To anyone who is a fan of Flying Lotus‘ deftly produced unexpected left turns and sample manipulation, GUUD will be a welcome addition. It can be a bit demanding at times, but Ash strikes the perfect balance between driving techno music and something that is ethereally ambient. “JamJamJam” is a good introduction to his sound.

[youtube width=”575″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Reminds you of old school Chemical Brothers, right? Eerie, evolving, at times melodic and sometimes punchy. A great soundtrack for a series of odd and surreal dreams. You can check out the mesmerizing video for his opening track “I Feel That” below.

Ash’s personal history is just as captivating. In 2009 Ash gained notoriety in his native Iran for his lead role in the documentary “No One Knows About Persian Cats”, a film about Iran’s underground music scene. Having previously been imprisoned for his music, he sought political asylum and now lives in London.

A great late night listen. If you enjoy being surprised, confused, and intrigued like I do – make sure to grab GUUD here.

I Feel That” is the lead-off track from GUUD which was released by NYC record label OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE.