Fascinations Grand Chorus – “Growing”

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The duo known as Fascinations Grand Chorus might not have ever come together had they not been rivals first.  Stephanie (vocals/keyboards) & Andrew (drums) had separate solo projects, competing for gigs & listeners’ ears.  But once they realized their mutual appreciation of bands like the Misfits and 1910 Fruitgum Company, they figured they might be better served working together.  And given the result, you can’t say they made a wrong decision!  Their debut, self-titled EP comes out soon, but we’re happy to premiere the track, “Growing.”

Bouncing along with a killer surf beat & classic girl-group vocal, “Growing” is, in the band’s own words, “an unsteady, anxious song about the insecurity of not addressing unclear intentions.”  It is just one of a trio of tracks bound to be quintessential earworms for the rest of the year.