Finders Keepers finds “Man Chest Hair”

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In keeping with their fine tradition of finding and re-releasing the obscurest of obscure jams, the gentlemen behind the Finders Keepers label (Andy Votel and Doug Shipton) went looking for chest hair…and they found it.

On their latest trippy excursion into the forgotten realms of psychedelia, “Man Chest Hair,” Doug & Andy stayed very close to home and went looking in their own backyard for Manchester’s pre-pre-post-punk era. What they found is a somewhat disconcerting listen (at first) as it bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the Mancunian legacy we’ve come to appreciate…but still manages to perfectly split the difference between the bubblegum of The Hollies and the boozy, lost masculine spirit of the Happy Mondays.

URBANE GORILLA – TEN DAYS GONE by Finders Keepers Records

If The Hollies was Middle School and the Mondays are the wasted college years, “Man Chest Hair” is the greasy, long haired, stinky pubescent, pimply, pot smoking High School years.

Manchester seemingly had a period where it was a hotbed for proggy-glam proto-metal rockers with names like Plasma, Socrates, and Greasy Bear, and Andy and Doug have complied 18 of their Manliest rockers for this bad ass collection. There’s a Special Edition version of the compilation that even comes with a bottle of musk…which is good, because “Man Chest Hair” smells totally dude-ish.