5 Songs to Hear This Week: Andrew Bird, Sudan Archives, and Bloghouse returns

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It’s another week for triumphant returns as Andrew Bird flies in with his first (non-holiday-themed) solo material since 2019, with a little help from the late Joan Didion. LA’s Sudan Archives drops a fresh cut and video that’ll forever change how you see furniture shopping. And hot on the heels of the indie sleaze revival, one of Bloghouse’s defining stars, Uffie, has offered her latest in a series of good-time singles leading to her new album due in May.

Plus, Glaswegian stalwarts Belle & Sebastian are offering aid to Ukraine via their newest single, and newcomer Luna Li arrives in fine form with a charming tune accompanied by a short film to match.

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Andrew Bird - “Atomized”

All aboard for Andrew Bird! This mellifluous track from the prodigal indie-folk multi-instrumentalist is one to whistle about, taking inspiration from the late, great author Joan Didion. As is to be expected from the Bird man, this track is finely tuned while laced with whimsy, making for a delightful and contemplative play. 

Sudan Archives - “Home Maker”

Meet your maker: LA’s very own musicologist Sudan Archives, a.k.a. Brittney Parks, is back in action with a fresh and ready single that’ll have you boppin. Featuring her signature violin hovering over a don’t-quit clap track and synth-heavy dance breaks, this track is all-new and ready to be brought home for good.

Uffie - “where does the party go?” 

This punchy number has us searching out how to embed music on our Myspace profile. Featuring electro-pop-punk sounds punctuated by striking moments of clarity, Uffie’s jump-around invocation is at once sassily nostalgic and totally fresh. With a grab-bag of effects and filters plus a strobe-lit house party video, get ready to lose your head.

Luna Li - “Cherry Pit”  

Sunny days are back, baby! This twinkling, light-as-air track from newcomer-to-watch Hannah Bussiere Kim, known to the world as Luna Li, showcases a distinct synergy of highly trained musical chops with the breezy ease of innate talent. Layered vocals, esoteric instrumentation, and a crown of lo-fi fuzz make this a song for every weekend sensibility. 

Belle & Sebastian - “If They’re Shooting at You” 

Lords of indiepop Belle & Sebastian have dedicated their latest clap-along family camp single to relief efforts in Ukraine, with a visual collage video portraying the people caught in the middle of an unthinkable conflict. Click to hear a track bent on inspiring you to do what you can — by donating to the Red Cross