Five Songs to Hear This Week: Grrrls to the front!

Written by Adria Kloke - Selections by KCRW Music Staff

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Grrrls to the front always and forever, but this week especially. We’ve gathered standout tracks from some of the best to ever do it. This includes New York four piece Habibi, who dropped their cover of post-punk greats Delta 5’s “Try” in honor of the recent passing of frontwoman/lead guitarist Julz Sale. 

Delta 5 were among the primary architects of the sound we most often associate with post-punk: angular guitar tones, militaristic stomping rhythms, and a cool, detached yet deeply engaging vocal style. Her loss is widely felt, but so is her legacy throughout this list.

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Courtney Barnett - “Write a List of Things to Look Forward to”

When life’s all a bit much… how do you get through it? Here’s a bouncy ditty from our favorite Aussie rock chick, encouraging you to take a few moments each day to consider all the things that bring you joy, large and small. Stay present, try something new, and lean into gratitude — this track and its charmer of a video will show you how.

Wet Leg - “Wet Dream”

It’s been said by radio DJs, studio soothsayers, and across the covers of music mags through the ages: Rock is back. Truth is, it never left. Wet Leg are electrifying the scene with their brand of beat-driven indie rock, complete with cheeky, chanty lyrics you won’t be able to resist. Crank it up and find out for yourself.

Elke - “No Pain”

Here’s Elke, she wrote you a poem. The Nashville singer-songwriter brings Nico to mind, but is an artist all her own, leading with bold production and heady, symbolic lyrics that’ll leave you compelled, if not a little confused. One thing’s for sure — with big and steady sounds, a stunner of a vid, and Elke’s cool-girl vocal style, this is a track you simply can’t ignore.

Kadhja Bonet - “For You”

And now for something (truly) completely different. A veritable tsunami of synths propel this glittery, layered track from legacy musician Kadhja Bonet. And she’s earned the right to experiment — learning that she’s a classically-trained violinist will only increase your appreciation of the wall-to-wall newness of this trippy track. Like the ‘80s, but make it now.

Habibi - “Try”

Try this one on for size; we think it’s a perfect fit. Brooklynites Habibi bring their ‘60s girl group harmonic stylings to this classic track from the English post-punk band Delta 5, in honor of late singer and guitarist Julz Sale. Perfectly fuzzy lo-fi rhythms counterbalance popsicle-sweet vocal harmonizing in this catchy homage, and may kickstart a deep journey down a punk rock rabbit hole.