Five Songs to Hear This Week: Old and new school sounds from Pete Yorn, Beach House, Nilüfer Yanya, and more

Selections by KCRW Music Staff

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Looking at the 5 Songs that we’ve curated for this week, it’s particularly lovely to see a couple of our favorite indie rock legacies intertwined with several acts that represent the future. From Pete Yorn to BROODS, you’re about to enter a robust and varied sonic atmosphere that’s connected by good vibes for miles and miles.

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Pete Yorn - “Elizabeth Taylor”

Legacy indie-alt-folk troubadour Pete Yorn is back with a new album, enticingly titled HAWAII. But this track’s all LA, with lyrics shouting out street corners and a steady churning beat built for a freeway cruise — preferably while pondering some big questions. Liz would approve. 

Beach House - “Once Twice Melody” 

La la la… this track’s an innertube on the lazy river of life. Somehow, it manages to stay blissed out and languid while riding the unrelenting buzz of faraway percussion. Trippy instrumentals and through-the-looking-glass lyrics round out this psychedelic winner from Baltimore’s indie stalwart Beach House. Far out!

Nilüfer Yanya - “stabilise”

Need some motivation? Maybe a little get-up-and-go? You got it. This shiny new single from English singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya calls to mind the controlled freneticism of mid ‘00s offerings from the likes of Bloc Party and TV On The Radio, all refined by the smooth and stable hum of Yanya’s confident vocals. 

Rush Davis + Kingdom - “Element” 

The futurist vibes are strong with this one. Part subwoofer beat, part Matrix-esque techkno landscape, part sensual R&B stylings, this track is all movement, all new, and bold as hell. Rise to the challenge and see where it takes you — the new album Transmission is out now.

BROODS - “Heartbreak (Space Island Chapter 2)” 

Aaaahhh… this supercool single from New Zealand sibling duo BROODS — who are also featured on the new Flight Facilities album, out now — is an icy-cold drink on a hot, hot day. Sharp, clean, and totally invigorating, this track’s got a full face of stunning features, from a flirtatious bass riff to sex-pop synthwork and come-hither vocals. Play this one when you’re ready to level up with your lover.