Five Songs to Hear This Week: Spoon, Metronomy, and Clinic make triumphant returns

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“It’s Good to Be Back” is the name of the new Metronomy tune that you can check out in this post. It’s also something of a thesis statement. With eagerly anticipated new work from Spoon, Clinic, and the aforementioned Metronomy anchoring this week’s selections, you’re bound to be feeling those welcome back vibes. 

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Spoon- “The Hardest Cut”

When you make the call for a solid rock riff, it’s Spoon who pick up the phone. Our favorite tune slingers out of Austin keep their legacy on lock with the first single from their just-announced forthcoming album Lucifer on the Sofa, and it’s just want you want it to be: a foot-stompin’, street-struttin’, face-twisting rock jam. Cut this! No knives… just use my spoon.

Metronomy - “It’s Good to Be Back” 

This track’s a summer camp talent show set in the Atari universe. We’re not quite sure what that means either, but it just feels right. Play this one for a bouncy, danceable production from English electro outfit Metronomy that somehow feels like a self-effacing parody and an expression of utter earnestness, all at once. 

Shygirl - “Cleo”

Girl, werk. This multi-layered mover from English rapper, DJ, singer-songwriter, and label founder Shygirl exudes confidence and will take you right back to the scene of your last indulgence. Whether sipping strong drinks from weak cups at a warehouse party, hitting the sandy dance floor at a euro beach bar, or catwalking with your kids, keep it fierce with this one.

Clinic - “Fine Dining” 

Calling all the spooks and ghouls... Clinic's back to help you circle the void. The English indie outfit known for their haunted sound and troubled dynamic have released Fantasy Island, a follow-up album to their 2019 return, which followed a seven-year break… in which anything could have happened, man.

Vundabar - “Aphasia” 

Tune into the video for this soaring single from left-of-the-dial Boston trio Vundabar to find out that the living dead are people, too. Steady, heartland rhythms and big-big percussion form the foundation of a timeless indie gem — no need to examine whether those tears in your eyes are from laughing or crying. Don’t miss the enviable dance moves from lead singer Brandon Hagen.