Five Songs to Hear This Week: Fake snow, feminist clowns, and an 8-bit Reggie Watts

Selections by KCRW Music Staff

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This week’s hottest post is 5 Songs to Hear This Week. This post has everything: Holiday cheer, clowns, an 8-bit version of Reggie Watts. It even has that thing when you turn your intro into an extended Stefon joke whose relevance is questionable at best. Luckily the tunes stand for themselves, so let’s get to ‘em! But first...

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Wajatta - “Do You Even Care Anymore?”

Your boy Reggie Watts has teamed up once more with electronic spin doctor John Tejada to craft a fresh track with a beat that’ll move your body and a message that’ll tickle your brain. It’s funky, it’s cool, it’s playful, it’s provocative, it’s Wajatta. Don’t miss the video for an 8-bit urban fantasy.

David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels - “Winter Tragedy” 

Pucker up — David Newton from legacy psych-rock outfit The Mighty Lemon Drops is back with a new release that’s custom made for the season. It’s a California Christmas jam, laden with irresistible rock standards like guitar solos, hand-claps, and harmonies — plus, sleigh bells and a sitar. Update your holiday gathering with this winky track.

Chastity Belt - “Fake”

Showcasing the opposites-attract synchronicity of low-key sound and high-key feelings, this track from Chastity Belt is a testament to the band’s Pacific Northwestern origins. It’s the kind of soothingly melancholic indie sound that just begs you to get curled up and cozy... and perhaps a little contemplative. Hit play to dig deep. 

Foxtrails - “Upper 5” 

Something on your mind? Need a little space for introspection? Here’s the track to show you the way. Pairing chanting vocals, swelling strings and heart-twinging piano with percussion that’s positively ceremonial, this cinematic offering from LA’s own Foxtrails will take you where you need to go… as long as you’re willing. 

Leyla McCalla - “Fort Dimanche” 

This track’s a story worth telling, so listen up. Hit play to hear Hatian-American singer-songwriter and cellist Leyla McCalla beautifully frame and elevate another voice: the first-hand account of a Hatian woman who witnessed and survived the brutality of absolute power.