5 Songs to Hear This Week: New bops from Trombone Shorty, Lisa LeBlanc, and Warm Sound

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This week’s 5 Songs invite you on a journey around the world. We begin in KCRW’s own backyard with the exciting new LA-based duo, Warm Sound. Next, we venture to the other side of the globe to hear from our psychedelic Australian friends The Lazy Eyes. 

A visit to NOLA with favorite son Trombone Shorty, some French-Canadian hot goss courtesy of disco queen Lisa LeBlanc, and a brush with the divine via Argentinian producer Uji rounds out the experience.

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Warm Sound - “Genevieve”

You could slip into a steamy bathtub, step into a sun ray… or simply bask in the atmosphere of Warm Sound. This silky single from LA’s Bryan Sandlin and Myke Dodge (the latter of whom also makes music documentary podcasts for KCRW) is a heavy-lidded journey worthy of the big headphones + epic vista treatment. Fans of Massive Attack, Tycho, and UNKLE take note. And be sure to mark your calendar for May 13, when the duo are set to drop their debut EP, “Terminus.”

The Lazy Eyes - “Imaginary Girl”

With its pleasing harmonies, soaring sounds, and sweet psychedelic video, this one will have you feeling like you’re on a magical mystery tour. But Aussie four-piece The Lazy Eyes have a psych-rock vision that exceeds nostalgia tripping, imaginary or otherwise. This track is proof of concept as it unfolds through several acts to form a complete (and completely groovy) musical story.

Trombone Shorty - “Come Back” 

Favorite son of NOLA Trombone Shorty is here, and he brought backup in the form of some big fat brass. The message? Keep a firm grip on the love in your life. An accomplished horn-blower himself, producer and multi-instrumentalist Troy Andrews graces us with powerful vocals, and deeply groovy rock basics on this big-sound single. All of it adding up to be an irresistible invitation to come back, baby… and stay awhile.

Lisa LeBlanc - “Gossip”  

When it comes to the arts, trends shift like the sands — so who needs ‘em? French-Canadian Lisa LeBlanc is a wholly original artist for our times, and she brings the charm. “Gossip” serves as the sturdy centerpiece to her unpredictable, multi-lingual, almost vaudevillian new album Chiac Disco. Heed the lyrical warning of this fableistic single, and stay for the groove. Gather your senses to fully receive the layers of horns, funk guitar, and a slap-yo-mama saxophone break that await.

Uji - “Oropo” 

Center yourself before clicking this track, it may just bring you into direct contact with the divine. Uji — named for the Japanese Buddhist concept of Being-Time — is the project of South American electronic producer Luis Maurette, who brings a powerfully authentic commitment to ancestral explorations, and ritualistic practices to contemporary beat-making. The result is a hypnotic soundtrack for all of your forthcoming self-actualization practices.