Five Things We Love About LA by Line and Circle

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A lot of people send me music, but when I got an email from locals Line and Circle on Friday, I was instantly impressed with the track attached and sent it on to Anne Litt, who played “Radio, You Let Me Down” on her show over the weekend. 

line and circle albumThe band finishes up a month-long June residency at Silverlake Lounge TONIGHT, June 28. They just finished recording songs with Joey Waronker (REM, Beck, Thom Yorke) on board as producer. They’re selling the new music at shows if you want to get an early listen.

The band is made up of a set of brothers and childhood friends from the Midwest who settled into LA a few years back. Vocalist and guitarist Brian J. Cohen really shines on “Radio, You Let Me Down” and the sophisticated, layered arrangements took me by surprise.

As somewhat newbies to the city, I thought it would be interesting to find out Five Things They love About LA.  Check it out below:

1. Pacific Dining Car: As non-native Angelenos, we’re still slightly seduced by the noir-ish atmosphere of this place. It’s easy to imagine Chandler-esque characters boozing it up here in the ‘30s and ‘40s, when it was already well up and running. Then again, perhaps we also just enjoy an obscenely decadent omelet at 4am on a weeknight.

Lovell House
Lovell House

2. New Beverly Cinema: Sometimes it’s tough to choose between devoting your attention to the evening’s double feature or to the homeless dude down the row fashioning a garment out of newspaper and tinfoil scraps.

3. The Lovell Health House: We find a lot of L.A.’s architecture inspiring, especially this Richard Neutra house in Los Feliz. It’s bright and forward-thinking, yet also surprisingly beautiful in its simplicity. There’s a lot of lessons about making music to be learned from this house.

4. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop: Something about this place’s nostalgic, family-owned wholesomeness appeals to our native Midwestern-ness. The slew of vintage soda and candy, combined with the spot-on soundtrack of ‘50s malt-shop oldies, remains a constant lure. Marty McFly would approve.

5. Hunter’s Hollow Studio: Our rhythm section lives upstairs now, and this has since become our musical sanctuary to rehearse and record. Sure, there were raccoons and other creatures living inside at one point, but the acoustics are fantastic, as is the view of the surrounding green hills of Glassell Park.

(Editor’s Note: check out this excellent piece on the band from Kevin Bronson at

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