Four Songs to Listen to This Week

Written by
Jacuzzi Boys

There is so much good music right now, I thought I’d throw some of my favorites into one place!

Something to Dance To

RAC – “Let Go”

RAC is pretty much unstoppable at this point. He recruited Bloc Party vocalist Kele and MNDR (the voice on Tokimonsta’s excellent “Go With It”) for “Let Go”. This song has been on repeat for a week now. I can’t get enough of it.

Something to Meditate On

Dr. Dog – “The Truth”

I love how a Dr. Dog song is instantly recognizable. Jason’s been throwing this track into the beginning of MBE quite a bit. This Philly band has so many different styles, but this is one of their “slow, meditative groove” tracks. It’s dreamy.

Something to Shake to

The Head and the Heart – “Shake”

I’ll be honest, I’m tiring of a lot of the stomp, clap and holler folk songs that have been ubiquitous over the last few years, but the Head and the Heart have something special here. The Seattle band is a bit more complex than their contemporaries, in a good way. It helps that I’ve seen them live and they are an incredible collective of musicians.

Something to Rock Out To

Jacuzzi Boys — “Double Vision”

Last but not least, my fellow Miamians Jacuzzi Boys. This is a song you’ll want to turn up loud. The stuttering chorus with tambourine shakes, rolling bass lines, laser beam-sounding keys and guitar fuzz really hits the spot.