Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now

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Jamaica best
Jamaica (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Magic Trick – “The Store”

It was love at first listen when I heard Magic Trick’s “The Store”.

It’s my favorite kind of pop song, with surf guitar, and sweetly sung backing vocals layered over the baritone vocals of bandleader Tim Cohen. The band is based in San Francisco and it wasn’t until I did a bit more research that I realized it was Tim from the Fresh and Onlys, a band we’ve had our eye on for years. Stream the full album on Bandcamp.

Jamaica – “Two on Two”

This toe-tapping pop song from Parisian duo Jamaica (Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet)  has that giddy joy that makes you want to dance like a character in an 80’s movie. It’s the lead track on their new album “Ventura”, out next week, and is accompanied by a clever video where an obsessed fan recreates the pair as robots.

The Horrors – “I See You”

The Horrors have made some of my favorite music in the last five years. Their output has been consistently great and getting better, which gives me hope for the future of music. (Seriously, they are that good).

A track like “I See You” was a favorite upon first listen. Infectious rock that veers towards he dark side, often with flashes of psychedelia. Their new album “Luminous” will be out May 5 and they have a show in LA a few days earlier (advance tickets are sold out but they’ll have some at the door). Check out the latest track “So Now You Know” as well.

Hypnolove – “Holiday Reverie”

Hypnolove are a trio (Thierry Moreira, Nicolas Sentenac, Henning Specht) specializing in French disco pop. This track is pure sunshiney joy. It’s off their sophomore album  “Ghost Carnival” out in early May on Record Makers, the label behind Sebastien Tellier and Kavinsky (among others). Enjoy!