Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Kindness, Broncho, Madi Diaz, Johnny Marr

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Kindness – “World Restart (Ft. Kelela & Ade)”

At every music festival I go to, my favorite set of the day is ALWAYS a band I’ve never seen before. I see a lot of music so an unexpected surprise is always the most impactful and welcome. This weekend at FYF Fest, that band was Kindness.

WOW. They were great.

Kindness is 32-year-old Adam Bainbridge, who performs with help from a great backing band and, at one point, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange. It was sexy, soulful, funky and fun.

The new album “Otherness” will be out on October 14.

Broncho – “Class Historian”

I love a song that just busts out of the gate with a high energy attack.

Broncho’s “Class Historian” is one of the most infectiously catchy songs in recent memory. And at the perfect pop song length of 3:30, it never loses steam for a second.

It’s got an 80’s vibe to it (like I can imagine Molly Ringwald snapping her fingers and dancing to it).

The Oklahoma band play The Echo this Wednesday, August 27 and their album “Just Enough Hip To Be Woman” is out on Dine Alone Records on September 16.

Madi Diaz – “Stay Together”

I had a chance to hear early demos of Madi’s latest album “Phantom” and the end result makes it clear she is shooting for pop stardom.

“Stay Together” has that anthemic chorus that is so fun to sing along to.

It’s cathartic for all of us that go through the trials and tribulations of romance. Fans of Robyn should love this.

Madi is now based in LA and her album will be out on September 30.

Johnny Marr – “Easy Money”

Johnny Marr (of The Smiths fame) released his first ever solo album in 2013. It was, unsurprisingly, excellent.

But judging by the first single for his follow up, this one will be even better! This song is so good, it needs no further explanation. Just listen

The album “Playland” will be out October 7.