Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Leon Bridges, Niia, Penguin Prison, Lisa Mitchell

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Leon Bridges – “Coming Home”

On my first listen to this track, I had to go back and check whether it was brand new or very old.

It taps into some serious Sam Cooke-style soul and I wasn’t sure! I found it via Gorilla vs Bear, where I learned that that it’s from an artist named Leon Bridges, a singer/songwriter from Fort Worth who brought in White Denim’s Austin Jenkins and Josh Block to produce the track.

White Denim makes pretty mind blowingly layered progressive/psychedelic rock jams so I really wouldn’t have expected this delicate, simple touch. It’s GREAT. And available as a free download.

Niia – “Body”

If you love Rhye, you’re going to love Niia. Producer mastermind Robin Hannibal (Rhye/Quadron) does is again!

It’s a track so supple and sexy you should be forewarned of its potential impact. The song starts with just the piano before you’re submerged in her sultry vocals and lyrics about loving her body right.

On her FB page, singer Niia describes her music as “Modern Noir.” She has a jazz background and her mother is an Italian-born classical pianist, so she has serious chops.

Her debut EP “Generation Blue” is out October 28 and I am looking forward to it.

Lisa Mitchell – “Wah Ha”

Aussie singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell channels a Joni Mitchell folk vibe in her new single, which has been getting steady spins on MBE.

It’s the lead track from her third album, set for a mid-2015 release. It’s already taking off in the UK and I think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the US catches on.

It really stands out on the airwaves, with a dreamy vibe that easily masks the emotional ups and downs she talks about in the lyrics.

At one point she asks, “do you hear me?” Yes, yes we do!

Penguin Prison – Calling Out

I’ve been a big fan of Penguin Prison, from his appearance on RAC’s LP and his Lionel Ritchie cover to his earlier solo work, especially “Don’t Fuck With My Money” (he gave us the edited version in his live set for MBE, but it was still awesome!)

The NYC artist knows his way around a pop hook.

Super catchy stuff and his latest, “Calling Out”, is no exception. Accented by a bunch of cheerleader-style chants, it’s hard not to dance.

And if you’re just looking to boogie, check out the latest from Rufus Du Soul — sadly not embeddable, but available to stream here.