Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Samaris, Madeon, Low Roar, St Paul and the Broken Bones

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photo by halldora & laurent

Samaris – “Tibra”

My discovery of this band has a very cool story.

Sigtryggur Baldursson from the Icelandic Music Export office dropped by the basement last week with new music in tow.

He just so happens to be one of the founding members of the Sugarcubes, so his musical pedigree is well established. He handed me a CD from a band called Samaris and I was pretty smitten by this trio from Reykjavík.

Very atmospheric and evocative with an electronic bent. “Tibrá” (pronounced ‘tea-brow’) is the third single from their album “Silkidrangar”.

Madeon – “You’re On”

Another electronic band I have my eye on is Madeon.

KCRW DJ Travis Holcombe had a great review of his appearance at Coachella this past weekend, even going so far as to say they could be this year’s Disclosure. A strong endorsement indeed!

The French producer, whose real name is Hugo Pierre Leclercq, released his debut album “Adventure” a few weeks ago and it’s the kind of melodic dance music I always gravitate towards (not surprising, since he cites The Beatles and Daft Punk as influences).

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – “Call Me”

This Birmingham, Alabama band is another act I heard about via my friends at Coachella Weekend 1 singing their praises.

Frontman Paul Janeway was raised on gospel and fronts this vintage Southern soul band. It’s stirring stuff played with a lot of heart.

They aim to get you moving on the single below though it’s worth noting that DJ Mathieu Schreyer gravitated towards one of their ballads.

Low Roar – “Breathe In (Carmen Rizzo Remix)”

To close out this week’s post, I wanted to include a more meditative number.

Put this song on repeat, lay back in the green grass, stare up at the sky and think about life.

They’re another Icelandic band who tapped KCRW favorite Carmon Rizzo for this remix, that will appear on their forthcoming remix EP.

The band is touring the U.S. in support of Hozier this month.