Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Sondre Lerche, Christian Gregory, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Barr Brothers

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Christian Gregory

The Barr Brothers – “Love Ain’t Enough”

This one is a doozy – it’s so beautifully dreamy.

The song is so good I don’t want to write too much but, man, that falsetto right before the chorus really just cuts through.

Proving once again that love is the best songwriting topic of all time.

The Montreal-based band (which we first wrote about back in 2011!) recorded some of their self-produced sophomore album “Love Ain’t Enough” here in Los Angeles and I look forward to digging into the rest of it.

They play the Way Over Yonder fest on the Santa Monica Pier later this month.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour – “Bring Us Together”

When an unexpected party breaks out at my apartment (this does happen from time to time) one of my go-to albums is the Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s debut. The pure pop of this Danish band goes over easy with just about any crowd.

The title track of their new album – out today – is like the trippier cousin of that record. I’m seeing paisley when I hear this.

Christian Gregory – “Count on You”

I love the pop soul sound of UK artist Christian Gregory. His singing style is reminiscent of Bill Withers on “Use Me”, but he was inspired equally by more contemporary artists like The Roots, Prince, and D’Angelo.

He partnered with KCRW fave Michael Kiwanuka for a new label called Movement Records that released his debut EP last month.

It’s very likely this song will get stuck in your head – and you won’t mind one bit.

Sondre Lerche – “Bad Law”

Sondre Lerche played at KCRW’s Sundance showcase earlier this year and it was clear his life was at a major turning point. Recently separated from his wife, contemplating a move, and working on new material, he seemed in great spirits and ready for whatever was ahead.

He premiered some new songs that night and but “Bad Law”, the first official single off his new album, set our expectations high with its excellence.

Stream the full album “Please” here!