Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Travis Bretzer, Oceaan, Francisco the Man, Monogold

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travis B
Travis Bretzer — “Promises”

There is a sweet simplicity to this song that I love – and the fact that it will be included on an album called “Waxing Romantic” pretty much tells you everything you need to know. It’s got a breezy 70’s vibe as he ruminates on his relationship.

It will be on the debut full length from Canadian artist Travis Bretzer (out February 24 on Mexican Summer) which I’m hoping will include other pop gems like this one.

Francisco The Man – “Big Ideas”

Jason Bentley gave this a spin on MBE this morning and it instantly caught my attention. It was just the burst of rock I needed on a Thursday morning.

The song is from their debut LP “Loose Ends” which apparently was a long time coming due to some lineup changes, a hiatus, and a move from Riverside to Los Angeles.

If this single is any indication, the quartet – named after a character in Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude – seems to have found solid footing after all the transitions.

They play The Echo on December 16!

Oceaan – “Veritas”

Born in Brussels and based in Manchester, Oceaán has created a warm, sensual, R&B jam with a bumping beat on “Veritas”, off his “Grip” EP out this month (on Chess Club Records in the UK and LA’s B3SCI in the States.)

We have high hopes for this artist and will be offering another one of his songs as a free download as part of Today’s Top Tune next week. Sign up now so you don’t miss it!

Monogold – “Soon Moon Soon”

Fans of Animal Collective will probably dig this hypnotic track from Brooklyn trio Monogold. It’s a sparking psychedelic beauty from their EP “This Bloom”, their first new record in three years. I was lucky enough to catch them at SXSW back in 2011 and they blew me away.

They’re working on a full length for 2015.