Four Songs You Should Listen to Right Now: Jamestown Revival, Blood Orange, BROODS, Cage the Elephant

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Jamestown Revival. They like pipes.

Jamestown Revival – “California” (Cast Iron Soul)

I just returned from a trip to the East Coast and I always miss California, even when I’m gone for just a few days.

When Jason gave this song a spin on MBE this morning, it really hit me. The duo – Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance – say they honed their sound on a back porch in Magnolia, Texas and eventually ended up in the music mecca of Austin.

Some stomping country-folk with gusto for your listening pleasure.

Blood Orange – “Clipped On”

 Blood Orange has gained a lot of acclaim for his sophomore release, grabbing a spot on a lot of year-end lists, including DJ Anne Litt.

Dev Hynes is a master at merging genres. In the case of “Clipped On”, its dreamy R&B and hip hop, with a verse from Queens-based MC Despot.

It’s both cinematic and in your face. He is a man with a vision and I love seeing where his creativity goes. Pick up “Cupid Deluxe” and you won’t be sorry.

Stream “Clipped On”

BROODS – “Bridges”

BROODS is a brother-sister duo from New Zealand who recently signed to Capitol and are pretty much destined for pop success (they share a management team with Lorde).

Bridges” is their first single and they are finishing up their debut EP. They won’t be touring through the U.S. until early next year. We eagerly await their arrival.

Download “Bridges” here.

Cage The Elephant – “Telescope”

Kentucky rockers Cage the Elephant have always had a firm grip on pop and I think they show it best on their 3rd album “Melophobia”. Modest Mouse (mid-2000’s version) came to mind at times when I first heard it.

I’ve always been a fan of their louder, singalong songs (“Shake Me Down“), but my favorite on this one is “Telescope” – a thoughtful ballad.

Sample lyrics:

Time is like a leaf in the wind
Either it’s time worth spent
or time I’ve wasted.
Don’t waste it.

Check it out.