Four Songs You Should Listen to Right Now: Spoon, White Fence, White Arrows, Sea Wolf

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I’m dubbing this post the “Twitter Inspiration Version” of my regular column. I also noticed at the end that all of these bands of local! (Word is that Spoon’s Britt Daniel moved here a few years ago)

So here it goes…

White Fence – “Like That” + White Arrows – “I Want a Taste”

A few weeks ago, I approached the Twitter-verse for help clearing up some confusion: both White Fence and White Arrows released albums around the same time and I wanted someone to quickly distill the differences.

Thankfully Breanna Murphy (Formerly of Filter Magazine, RIP) came to my rescue.

Now that I’ve finally had a chance to listen to both releases, I can tell you this is an accurate assessment. I like both very much and you can compare them below.

White Fence plays this Thursday and Friday at the Echo!

(Bonus info: After I fell in love with his new album, I learned that WF’s Tim Presley  founded one of my fave LA bands of the mid-2000’s, Darker My Love)

Spoon — “Do You”

This morning I made a bold statement on Twitter, saying “name me a more consistently great band than @spoontheband Seriously. they are the best.”

I was rewarded with a sea of affirmation and we all agreed that, because they are so consistently good (while always being challenging and interesting, no less!), it’s easy to overlook their greatness.

Don’t make that mistake. And get excited, cause their new album is on the horizon — “They Want My Soul” is out August 5.

Sea Wolf — “Bergamot Morning”

Last but not least, LA artist Sea Wolf recently self-released his latest record “Song Spells, No.1: Cedarsmoke”.  The lush, longing of LA singer/songwriter Alex Church’s moody pop is always something worth checking out.

Sea Wolf plays TONIGHT at the Sayers Club and it’s just $3 with advance RSVP. The show is presented by KCRW and  Red Bull Sound Select.