Free Download: Danceable Bilingual Beats from Mexico City’s Dapuntobeat

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(Writer Jose Galvan will be previewing a handful of bands in anticipation of the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) taking place in NYC July 9 – 13)

You may be a little put off by EDM at the moment, what with the trend of pushplay dj’s and their ‘sacrifice the quality of the music for the party’ attitude. But an electronic sound with live instruments and 5 dudes pounding away at the groove still merits a listen and has to be given a chance… Si o no?

I say, “Sí,” and the band to help you regain faith, in this all of a sudden Top 40 genre is, Dapuntobeat out of Mexico City.

They have been blazing the Latin, electro, funk trail since the late 90’s alongside bands like Kinky, Niño Astronauta and to some extent Los Amigos Invisibles. Creating danceable, bilingual beats through live instrumentation on their records, that capture that live energy emitted when one actually plays an instrument.

Dapuntobeat’s 2010 release, “Off de Record,” received critical acclaim all over Spain and Latin America and was named one of the Top 10 albums of the year by Rolling Stone Mexico and WARP Magazine.

Although they haven’t achieved as much commercial success as bands like Kinky and Los Amigos, Dapuntobeat is a band that has crafted their sound through 10+ years of live performances and they hold their own alongside bands like Hot Chip, Orbital, and Justice at International festivals.

You can download one of my personal favorite tracks: “0 (Dospuntocero)” courtesy of the band under one condition… you shake your booty while you listen!

Free Download: Dapuntobeat – “Dospuntocero”


– Jose Galvan

Editor’s Note: Dapuntobeat will release their upcoming U.S. debut album “I/O” on August 7th via Nacional Records!