Friday Free For All: Downloads from Psychemagik and Cam’Ron

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Psychemagik edit — “Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet”

Not that there was any question about it, but Psychemagik are the undisputed kings of the remix right now. Their latest offering is an edit of Yves Simon’s single from 1973, “Au Pays Des Merveilles De Juliet“.

While Simon’s original does most of the heavy lifting, the little embellishments Psychemagik add make it a contemporary dancefloor banger.


Cam’Ron – Ghetto Heaven Vol 1 Mixtape

Cam’ron is one of my favorite rappers in the game. Even when he’s not totally on point, he’s always entertaining as hell. His latest mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, is no different.

Unlike most rappers at his level of fame, Cam has never lost his touch with the common man.

Whether he’s espousing the power of friendships over the Golden Girls theme (“Golden Friends“) or lamenting hardships of poverty over Cults’ earwormy “Go Outside” the man shows has a knack for painting a picture with words.

Go Outside” kind of feels like a part 2 to Cam’s track of a few years ago, “I Hate My Job“. (Personal aside: when I used to have an office job, that was me and my co-workers’ anthem. Cam spoke to us).

“Instagram (Catfish)” is about the perils of internet dating and is the track getting the most play on my show.

Stream “Instagram (Catfish)”