Friday Free For All: Vampire Weekend Remix (feat. Danny Brown) + Thee Mike B’s Notorious B.I.G. Mix

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Step (winter-time remix) Vampire Weekend, Danny Brown, Heems and Despot

The first entrant into the Best Single of 2014 race came to us a day early via this tweet Vampire Weekend on NYE:

Vampire Weekend’s Souls Of Mischief-inspired track, “Step” was my favorite cut off of “Modern Vampires Of The City” and I’m all in on anything with Danny Brown, so this was a slam dunk before I even heard it.

And as good as it looks on paper (or computer monitor or whatever) it’s even better than what you’re probably expecting. Danny Brown goes hard doing his Danny Brown thing and Heems (formerly of Das Racist) and Despot more than hold their own. I seriously can’t get enough of this track.

(Download via the Twitter link above)

Thee Mike B — (thee) Notorious B.I.G. Mix

There’s a lot of really great DJs all over Los Angeles, but none of them can rock a party like Thee Mike B, who is easily my favorite DJ in LA.

He is so skilled he could probably do a country music mix and have you doing the funky chicken on the dancefloor within 15 minutes, even if you’re one of those ‘I like everything except country’ people — that’s how good he is.

Mike’s latest Soundcloud mix is (thee) Notorious B.I.G. mix, stuffed with Biggie’s hits, obscurities and Mike’s own expertly crafted blends. This is must-listen for any fan.

(And yeah, there’s some bad language on this, so if you don’t know, now you know….)