Friday Free For All: What’s Good LA & Your Old Droog

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VA – What’s Good Los Angeles? compilation
LA-based indie label Friends Of Friends has teamed up with Vans to offer a free 5 track EP called What’s Good Los Angeles?, showcasing some of the best acts the LA underground.
Drawing from a variety of sounds and movements from across the city, the compilation features contributions from future funkateer Dam Funk, the Odd Future-affiliated Hodgy Beats, Jerome LOL, Baths, Problem, and Salva.

Sonically, there’s not really a through line connecting these 5 tracks, but the release is a decent snapshot of what’s good in Los Angeles right now.
Stream the whole thing above and head over HERE to download the EP.

Your Old Droog – Your Old Droog EP

When you drop your first EP and rumors start flying as to whether or not you are one of the greatest rappers of all time in disguise, you’re doing something right.

That was the case when Coney Island rapper Your Old Droog released his debut EP on soundcloud earlier this year. There were no photos or videos to accompany the release and there were obvious similarities between YOD’s delivery (specifically some of the words he chooses and the intonation of his verses) and Nas.

The internet took the loose connection ran with speculation that the two were in fact, one in the same, and Droog’s sudden appearance had something to do with Nas drumming up attention for the 20 anniversary of his seminal Illmatic album.

Those rumors have since been thoroughly put to rest.  What’s left is the fact that Your Old Droog has some real skills.

In the age we’re in where lyrical prowess doesn’t really hold the same import in hip hop as it once did, it’s refreshing to hear a young rapper bringing it back to the old 90’s boom bap. Time will tell if Your Old Droog is the 2014 version of the Biggie-miming Guerilla Black or if he can continue to develop and make a real go of things, but the Your Old Droog EP certainly points toward the latter.