Ghost Wave: Artist You Should Know

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When I see the words “jangly”, “garage rock” and “60’s Brit pop” as part of a band description, I get excited. That’s just my type of rock and roll.

I listened to Ghost Wave completely on a whim. I got an email, noticed they were from New Zealand (two other Kiwis have albums on my “best of” list right now – Lorde and Fat Freddy’s Drop), and clicked on a stream for “Bootlegs”, which I liked instantly.

After a bit of urging, the band is letting KCRW offer it to you as a free download! Steam it below.

Stream “Bootlegs”

This is total road trip music – windows down, cruising to an undetermined destination, just enjoying watching the world roll by.

The Auckland group’s debut “Ages” will be out on Flying Nun on August 27 and the band will be playing as part of Filter’s Culture Collide festival here in LA in October.