[Giveaway] Perfume Genius at Hollywood Forever

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I own about 15 pieces of vinyl. I know – that’s a VERY NON-KCRW way to be. But I’m a digital girl, living in a digital world.

However, one of those few records is a Perfume Genius record. It was an impulse buy at Amoeba b/c I’m a Sufjan Stevens fan. I consider him a top 10 artist of all time and just about any record that lists his name as an influence will get a moment from me.

The record lands on my aesthetics first Crosley record player a lot of early evenings when I’m hanging out alone, perhaps preparing myself a solo dinner, or decompressing from a frenetic work day. It has a calm and thoughtful energy, it’s borderline wrist cutter depressing ,if you let sad music move you like that. Its a hit or miss for me, sometimes I put it on and I just giggle to myself a bit about melo-tragedy, but when it hits….. it hits hard and perfectly. I love to revel in a sad sack collection of music. It helps me think.

Learning by Perfume Genius Japan

The new album is a recent exploration for me. It has a lo-fi quality that may makes you feel almost as if this guy is a best friend. Hear the piano pedals, chair creaks and incidental brushes with the strings in the recording, and it’s as if  you’ve been sent a cassette demo from a dear friend that just needed to express something especially for you.

It’s deep y’all.

I don’t even know that I can do it justice.

Wonder what it would be like to see this beautiful music come to life in person? You and a friend could know, and in probably in the best location possible — the Masonic Lodge at  Hollywood Forever Cemetery, a beautiful spot for such a lovely experience. It’s next Tuesday, October 23.


Prize: Tickets for you and a friend to see Perfume Genius at the Hollywood Forever CemeteryLeave a comment, let’s talk Sad Music? What’s your favorite song to listen to when you are feeling blue?

After you’ve submitted your comment, send your friends back over to give you the thumbs up and reply to your post! We will reward tickets to 5 thoughtful entries! Deadline: 1pm tomorrow, that’s Wednesday, October 17th.

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