Goitia Deitz: Artist You Should Know

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Every once and awhile, an artist appears and makes blogging about them super-easy.

By remaining completely anonymous and not offering ANY information at all whatsoever about their identities. No blurry images. Only a vague hint at the fact that they are a duo from Brooklyn, who may be DJs or producers…or something. Promotionally speaking, this is a wildly bold move.

Essentially, the only barometer, the only indicator for their being “of note” is the music itself.

And Goitia Deitz‘ debut 7″ on DiscError is most certainly of note. Titled Romance/Coma, the 7″ A-side is dreamy slice of ambient house that harkens to the sound of early WarpRecords. If it were on a mixtape alongside tracks by Richard D. James, Speedy J, or The Black Dog, I’d be hard pressed to date it. But, the B-side is a motorik synthpop workout that pitches up Tangerine Dream to Industrial-grade bpms.

Based on the insanely sharp quality of the tunes, despite their being recorded live on analog equipment, in one take…I get the impression that Goitia Deitz is made up of folks we’ve already heard from in some capacity. And if not, maybe it doesn’t matter because what they’re doing is brilliant.

R O M A N C E by Goitia Deitz

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